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Hey everyone,

Sorry I have been gone for so long. I wanted to work on more fan art and even some collaborations with some people but unfortunately I had to take a winter course for my college in order to graduate in the spring semester. I just wanted to inform everyone that I haven't abandoned my page or anything of the sort and I will be back at providing you guys with some art soon enough. So for all of you that stayed with me and didn't un-watch me I am truly grateful for your support! Sorry again for being away for so long but I've gotta give school work priority. 

Thanks again for sticking with me! I'll be back soon ;)

Hey everyone!

As you may have noticed, there has been a halt of drawings coming from me and that's just because I'm back at my college and stupid me forgot my wires to my Cintiq in my parents' car -.- So on that note, once they mail them back up to me I can get back to drawing. Granted I won't be drawing as much because of the large amount of school work I will have, I will still try to put more membership on my account and get the polls up and running again :)

Please bare with me,
Hey everyone!

I JUST finished a website I was working on but ended up putting to the side. Not the best looking website but it's got ALL my work on it, not just my fan art stuff (even though that is a majority of it ). You all should check it out! And from there you can share my website through Twitter, Facebook, Pintrest and more! I also have started a Tumblr blog and my posts can be found on my website too! so for those who are truly interested, love my art and want to continue to be updated go check it out! :)

Just copy and paste ------>

Thank you everyone! :)
Hey everyone!

Well after drawing the Pokemon you've been asking for through the voting poll, and recently becoming friends with Smiley-Fakemon, I've been thinking about maybe creating some of my own Fakemon! Everyone I know has told me I should create some of my own characters instead of just drawing characters that are not my own so I think viewing Smiley's gallery of Fakemon inspired me to do so :P Now don't think I'm stopping the Pokemon Polls or the Kanto Pokedex, I'm definitely not lol. It needs to be finished, but I will be trying to create my own Fakemon and I will submit them between Pokemon Poll winners here and there as I create them. With that being said, I hope you guys and girls are just as excited to see what I can come up with!

Also, check out Smiley-Fakemon's page because he's got some awesome stuff and he inspired me to do some Fakemon :P

#??? Occlusk by Smiley-Fakemon  #??? Moduzagon by Smiley-Fakemon  #??? Cascerb by Smiley-Fakemon

And everybody should check out KinokoKoneko's 900 point giveaway! Just click on the link and read the rules but it ends July 31st! So get over there!…

Please let me know what you think about this idea and maybe what you'd like to see! :)
Thanks everybody!
- J
Hey Everyone!!

I am FINALLY finished with my Spring semester of school! Which means I get to do more Pokemon drawings! :) I have done a few other projects in this past semester that I will also be uploading that I am siked to show everyone. For those of you that have watched my work since the beginning, I'm sure you will be happy to know that I will be activating my premium membership, donated by some amazing individuals, and be bringing back the voting polls on what Pokemon I should draw next! I am sooooo excited to get back to these Pokemon drawings and I can't wait to hear from all of you! So before I put up the poll I will upload what work I have done during the semester for you guys to check out and then we can get this Kanto 'Dex rollin'! I also may work on some sculptures down the line and maybe some animation of some Pokemon but that is undecided as of yet but keep your peepers open for them!

But enough about this guy, I wanna know how all of your school years have been going! Let me know if there has been anything you just want to scream about that happened to you recently, I'd love to know :)

Talk to you all soon! ;)

Hey everyone!

As you can see I've been back and drawing a decent amount recently! Also, thanks to some awesome people I now have enough points to buy some premium membership so you can bet your ass that my Pokemon Polls are coming back :P 

So you might have saw my newest piece with the 6 Pokemon, I decided that I'd throw it in for a little change up from all the same sized drawings. Now depending on how everyone likes the group ups I've been teetering about doing a drawing of a team of 6 every so often while I still work on my Pokedex. Let me know if you'd like seeing different groups of 6 Pokemon through out my Pokedex completion :P

Also if any one if interested in commissions I will link my info and prices to the journal below! 

Thanks everyone for 13,000 page views and for supporting my artwork! :)

Hey everyone!

I apologize for my disappearance since August!  :( I have been swamped with school work a and all that fun stuff. Since moving back into my college, my Cintiq hasn't been working properly for some reason and that is the main reason why I have been MIA from DeviantArt. I've been trying to fix the issue between school work so for all you that follow me and have been wondering where I've been I'll try to fix my drawing tablet and get back to business because honestly I miss drawing, all of you and hearing your comments and what you guys have to say! So again my apologies and I hope all of you still checking out my page bare with me :)

Love you all!

Oh and I will link my commission info to my page for those of you looking for some art from me :p

- James


*I will accept commission artwork from the Pokemon, Nintendo, Sony and any gaming universe granted you provide me with a few references to work from. Cartoons from television shows are also a go (Shows from Cartoon Network, etc.)*

Okay so now how do I commission you?

When you contact me with a commission I will require you to obviously tell me your character you would like drawn up (if it's no one I've heard of I will require references), the type of artwork you want (which will be listed later on below) and depending if you are to purchase an artwork with specifics, I will need to know what specifics you want. I would prefer commission offers to be noted to me directly rather than on my page in my comments as I can refer back to my notes easier than if they were in my comments.

After I have this information I will begin to draw up a rough. Once I have a little mock up of the posed character all ready to do line work I will send it to you for confirmation to make sure your pleased with the pose I have chosen.

AlakazamRough by WhyDesignStudios     BlastoiseRough by WhyDesignStudios
If it is to your liking I will then require the payment of the commission to my Paypal and only to my Paypal, I will not accept any other payment. I will let the buyer know my email when they ask for a commissioned piece. Once I receive the payment I will then forward on to line work, color, etc. finishing up the piece. Once finished I will send you the digital file to do with as you please as it is yours and you just paid for it :P (*I will send digital files through Google Drive which allows me to send larger files through email*) BAM! You've now just commissioned me and have an artwork by yours truely! :) Prices are shown below and if there are any questions on the process or just in general please don't hesitate to ask me and comment on this post so others who may have the same question will be able to see my answer.


Digital sketch cards - $15.00

Pikachu by WhyDesignStudios     Skull Kid by WhyDesignStudios

Digital line work - $8.00

Wario and Waluigi Linework by WhyDesignStudios     Dr.Eggman Linework by WhyDesignStudios

Digital sketch card (specific poses, etc.) - $18.00

If you would like to purchase multiple artworks I will be doing a buy 2 get 1 free offer as well, on Digital Sketch cards only! :)

Thanks everyone! Happy commissioning! :)

Okay guys, so I'm nearing 200 watchers after getting just 40 since April 1st (April fools? I think not!). I will be opening commissions once I hit around 200-250 watchers. This will give me time to finish up a little book I am working on for school (Yes it's Pokemon related) and bust out maybe a few more Poke's in my Kanto Pokedex (I've got 10 more Pokemon to draw before I can finish the book).

Just to give everyone an overview of how I'll be running commissions;
I will mainly be doing characters out of the Nintendo, Sony and Pokemon universe. I will be open to special requests (ie; Specific poses, multiple characters, action scenes, etc.) but they will cost more. I'm not entirely sure on the pricing I will be issuing but I've got some time to work that out. I haven't decided about linework or coloring yet though.

So how does everyone feel about open commissions? Would you buy my work? And while your being asked these questions, how is your day going? :)
Comment below, let me know your thoughts, comments, concerns and what's up!

Oh and you guys are awesome ;)

- J
So guys, I was many of you would, if my art was up on a site, buy it?

I was thinking of opening an online shop with my designs in various form. If you would buy my art what form would you buy it in?

-Phone cases

Would you guys like if I did this? I'm not sure how many if any would enjoy owning or wearing my art. Let me know guys! :)

So first of all I just want to thank all the people who joined me and encourage me to keep doing my work. Thank you, you guys are the best and the reason I do this work!

Now I hope everyone loves Pokemon because its that time finally! KANTO POKEMON POKEDEX.  Now if you have a request for a certain Pokemon please comment below. This way I can tally up what Pokemon is requested most and draw it up :)

Enjoy everyone! :)

Hey everyone!

So I'm sorry for the lack of art that had been or should I say hadn't been produced recently. Although I've just done two more pieces within the past few days, I will definitely be doing more within the next few days (Just have to finish midterms and projects due for this week)! I have approximately 7 more pieces of the current series (Unless there are up votes for more characters) Then I will officially be starting my 151 Kanto Pokedex for all my Pokemon Lovers out there :)

On that note, if any one here on Deviant art doesn't log in frequently and happens to still want to view my art you can do so by following me on Twitter (young_Graphics). I post every piece I do on Twitter as well as my normal awesome tweets. I don't have as many followers on Twitter as I do on here so maybe you guys want to help me with that :P

Hey all!

Alright well it's that time again where I got back to my college. Depending on if you like my sculptures more or my digital work there may be some ups and downs. While I'm away I won't be able to do sculptures because to find an oven on campus would be an extraordinary task. So in the sculptures' place I will be going back and finishing up the digital series "The Foes". After that's all said and done my Pokemon fans are going to love what I do next.

As previously mentioned in a past journal I will be doing a full 151 Kanto Pokedex! My own poses and style of the Pokemon you love :P Now what I haven't figured out is if I'll go chronological or hold a poll before every new piece. Wanna help me out on that decision? Thanks ;) Anyway I know you guys love Pokemon sculptures so I'm sure you'll love them digitally drawn. The sculptures will return in May when I return home. The sculptures will be taken down from Ebay as well but if you wish to buy one I will sell it.

So what do you guys think about the Pokemon Pokedex? Let me know down below! :)

Okay guys,

Dewgong is FINISHED! Check her out in my gallery and on Ebay! Now that she's done I'll be doing another poll for the next Pokemon sculpture! Take some time and vote for the next sculpture below! VOTE VOTE VOTE! :)

1. Magneton - 1
2. Dugtrio - 0
3. Gengar - 3
4. Arbok - 0

Okay guys,

Since I don't have premium membership and you guys seem to love these Pokemon Sculptures, being that Dragonair got nearly 4,000 views in under 8 hours, I'm going to be asking you guys what Kanto Pokemon I will be doing tomorrow! Alright I'll keep this nice and short so post your VOTE in a comment below! :)

1. Lickitung - 1
2. Dewgong - 4
3. Magneton - 1
4. Vileplume - 2

Okay so I know I kind of just stopped right in the middle of my series. I will be getting back to that as soon as I have some more time on my hands. I've been busy with school work and an online course during my winter break as well (Which is intense) but.....on the other note I've been doing Pokemon sculptures In my free time! I've done three already, and they're actually on Ebay as we read this. I will be doing more & working on the series as well when I can, so bare with me. I'll be posting pictures of the sculptures up very shortly, I hope you like them! Sculpting isn't my strong hand but I hope you guys like them anyway.

If you feel you must have one of the three posted Pokemon sculptures, I will post their Ebay links below in this message. Also, if you wish to commission one from me, message me and we'll talk about details and all that fun stuff :) Thanks again!


Dragonair: SOLD
Hey guys and girls!

So although I'm not even close to being done with this series, I've been giving the next one some thought. Thanks to Joe Hogan, I will be able to continue these series away at college so I need to have ideas ready. Now I've had three ideas in my head but I want to know which of them YOU would like to see more. Since I don't have premium membership, I can't cast a poll. Sooooooo I would really enjoy if you guys would comment below with your vote, it would mean a lot to know your reading these dumb things I put up :) Okay so here are the three ideas I had, and if you had an idea for a series for me to do that I didn't think of, well then tell me!

1. Do ANOTHER series of Good Guys, in this updated style, Re-doing a lot of the heros while adding a poop-load more!
2. Do a series venturing away from Nintendo characters a little and head towards Sony characters?
3. Do a full 151 Generation 1 Pokedex!

Now like I said you can add ideas, but you can only do so IF YOU COMMENT...SO PLEASE DO! :D

- James
Welp! As you know now I have started the new series with one of my favorite foes! I will be doing pieces often now and all thanks to Joe Hogan! Keep watching for new pieces of the all new series:

The Foes!

So now it is time for bed being it's 3 am and I have completely exhausted my energy!
By the way there will be more piece in this series than the previous so I hope you enjoy! :)

Hey guys!

So I told you guys I would be posting artwork a while ago but somethings came up and I never had the chance to get around to it. If things go well, this weekend I should be getting on the ball with the art work, and man do I have a lot of ideas brain stormed! I can't wait to get back on that Cintiq and draw digitally again after a long semester of traditional work, and I can't wait to see how you guys like the new set of artworks! (Remember it's Villain themed and going to be a blast!) Keep watch ;)

Hey everybody!

Okay, so I am now home from college and as soon as I get the Cintiq in (that I am borrowing from Joe Hogan) I will be starting that second series I know you guys have all been eagerly staring at your monitors and refreshing my page to see ;) Nah JK lol but no in all seriousness I will be starting the new series very soon :) This is going to be a blast especially since I haven't worked on the Cintiq in quite some time. I've picked up some techniques as well and these new artworks will be a little different than in the first series so I hope you like the minor changes. I have a bunch of characters all mapped out (haven't figured out poses), but I am always up for suggestions for characters to add into the series so throw some characters at me!

In other news, Joe and I will be sitting down to discuss the book we'll be releasing soon (At least I hope lol). We've got a lot of planning to do LOL.

So now that all that info is out of the way, how is everyone else?? Is anyone else on summer break yet? Has anyone got plans for this summer? I personally will be aiming to go camping, hiking and get into some archery! Oh and hopefully getting a little pet to come upstate with me when I go back to college. CAN'T WAIT :) Let me know what your summer plans are and if anyone is deciding to do the same as me!